Is Climate Controlled Storage Right For You?

If you use self storage to help with spring cleaning or to prepare for moving day, you know how helpful the extra space can be. However, you may not realize that some of your items need special care and may even be damaged if kept in a standard storage container. For these items, you should definitely look into climate controlled storage. What Is Climate Controlled Storage? Climate controlled storage is a type of storage where the temperature and often the humidity levels are regulated. Usually, the temperatures in a climate … Continued

Using Mobile Storage

If storage space is scarce in your home, you may want to consider a temporary or long-term fix in order to free up the cluttered areas: mobile storage. If you aren’t familiar with mobile storage, it is a relatively simple idea. What Is Mobile Storage? Storage companies like Freedom Storage Rentals drop off a portable storage container or trailer at your home. The mobile storage unit stays on your property for as long as it takes you to fill it. After you have organized your belongings and loaded the storage … Continued

Steps To Prepare For Moving Day

Moving is something everyone has to go through at some point in their lives, whether is out of their childhood home, into a college dorm room, or cross-country for work. It is important to be organized and efficient well before the moving truck rental arrives, here are some steps you can use to prepare for the anticipated moving day. Get Organized to Move The first thing you need to do before you start packing is get organized, for some people this means keeping a note pad handy to write out … Continued

How To Organize A Storage Unit

When people reserve a storage unit in central PA, they are usually so pumped to have the extra space they don’t even think about how to organize their belongings in this area. Even though self storage units are created to protect your belongings, it never hurts to take all the precautions when packing. Storage Unit Packing Tips Store items in plastic containers, plastic containers offer a decent amount of water resistance and protection. To help you find things, choose clear plastic containers so that you can easily see the contents … Continued

Three Tips to Reserving a Storage Unit

Whether you are planning a big move or just doing some spring-cleaning, reserving a storage unit can be very beneficial. It not only frees up valuable space in your home, it also allows you to organize your items in a safe place until needed. Knowing these three things before renting a storage unit will ensure you reap all the benefits. Storage Unit Tips Before reserving one, research all the type of storage units available. Remember that no two storage facilities are the exact same even within the same company. There … Continued

Use Self Storage to Help With Spring Cleaning

April means that it is time to start your home’s spring cleaning. Besides putting your winter gear in a self storage facility there are a plethora of activities you can do to get your home ready for the upcoming warm weather. Use this spring cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing year. Spring Cleaning Checklist: Take Advantage of Self Storage: Put your winter clothes, snow blower, snow mobile, holiday decorations and anything else winter related into a self storage or mobile storage unit so that it does not clutter … Continued

Use Mobile Storage to Organize Your Tools

When you are forced to park in the driveway because your garage has been taken over by tools and equipment it is time you consider mobile storage. You can rent EZ Pak Mobile Storage from Freedom Storage Rentals, the easy and convenient mobile storage units allow you free up space in your garage for the things that belong there, for example-vehicles. Once Freedom Storage Rentals drops off the secure and waterproof 8’ x 16’ portable storage containers you can begin to organize your tools, equipment, and working accessories. The biggest … Continued

Clean Up Clutter With Mobile Storage

Now that you and your family are settling in to a new 2012 routine you may have started to notice the clutter that accumulated throughout your home in 2011. Toys, clothes, shoes, books, dishes, magazines, and electronic devices can gather and make your life disorganized and hectic. Unfortunately it is hard to find a place for something, when something else has already began to take over that area. The problem with clutter is that it creeps on you. As your family grows, each member collects more stuff, and it continuously … Continued

Start 2012 Off Organized!

It’s hard to believe, but 2012 is already full swing. The prospect of having a fresh, new year before us is exciting. If you are feeling weighted down by the disorganization and clutter from 2011, you could benefit from taking a little time to get organized for the new year. Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to be a 5-hour marathon cleaning spree—unless you want it to be. Much can be accomplished in 30-minute focused time segments. So, pick an area to get started on and set your timer for … Continued

Holiday Lights on the Lake

Now that the holidays are just around the corner, it’s about time to get those decorations up in and outside the house. The first step is getting last year’s lights and decorations out of your mobile storage or self storage unit. After this is done a great place to go for inspiration is the annual Lakemont Park and The Island Waterpark Holiday Lights on the Lake in Altoona, PA. The Holiday Lights on the Lake is a fifty-one acre spectacular light display held in the famous Lakemount Amusement Park. The … Continued