When you are forced to park in the driveway because your garage has been taken over by tools and equipment it is time you consider mobile storage. You can rent EZ Pak Mobile Storage from Freedom Storage Rentals, the easy and convenient mobile storage units allow you free up space in your garage for the things that belong there, for example-vehicles. Once Freedom Storage Rentals drops off the secure and waterproof 8’ x 16’ portable storage containers you can begin to organize your tools, equipment, and working accessories.

The biggest problem with tools is that they get used and are never put back properly. The first step is to sort the tools you have. Lay them all out on your garage floor or driveway and sort everything into categories. Put all the hand tools in one spot, all the power tools in another and anything you consider a seasonal tool in its own pile. Once you’ve begun the cataloging process, you’ll probably find that your tools have several accessories. Drills usually have several drill bits, a socket wrench has at least a handful of sockets to go with it as well. Keep all these items together and make sure you are not missing any.

You can really organize your tools however you’d like. The system you use just has to make sense to you. We would recommend that you organize hand tools (hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. ) in some form of drawers system. You can buy plastic drawers at your local Target or Walmart, most of these come with different sizes of drawers which work perfectly in this case. You can line or stack these along the walls of your mobile storage unit.

Power tools are generally larger than hand tools. One of the most common ways to organize power tools is in bins or containers below a workbench or a tabletop. Buying containers that can seal might be a good idea, because they will protect your power tools from water or any other hazard that could potentially damage them.

Seasonal equipment like lawnmowers, rakes, snow blowers and shovels should have a space in front and back of your mobile storage unit. These areas can interchange depending on the season, weather and equipment needed. You can use your tool bench as a divider between the front and back of your portable storage container work shop.

If you find that your tools have taken over your garage and you need somewhere else to keep them contact Freedom Storage Rentals for help. Freedom Storage Rentals offers four conveniently located self storage facilities in central PA. We provide secure self storage units, mobile storage, climate controlled storage, RV storage, and moving truck rentals. Call us at 814-695-9408 to store your things today!