A dilemma usually sweeps through Central PA during the winter: a lack of garage space. Since the winters in Altoona, Ebensburg, and Blair County can be so extreme, everyone tries to fit two cars, the lawn mower, and a multitude of bikes into a two-car garage. It doesn’t take a math major to realize that (unfortunately) doesn’t work.

This problem is especially complicated if you own a model car, an antique automobile, or an expensive sports car. These nice vehicles need the protection of a garage. However, that makes car storage space for other family vehicles even scarcer.

Winter Complications

If you can’t fit all of your vehicles in the garage, some will have to brave the ice and snow in the driveway. However, constant exposure to the outdoor elements can harm the vehicle. An article by Jennifer Eblin on Ehow.com, “Is it OK to Leave My Car out in the Snow?,” explains: “Vinyl and painted surfaces on your car are at risk from damage caused by repeated exposure to snow and ice. The water can cause the paint to chip off the surface of the car.” Furthermore, constant contact with ice and snow could cause rusting.

Car Storage: A Simple Solution

At Freedom Storage Rentals, we understand that storage — and especially garage space — is limited. That’s why our East Freedom location in PA offers indoor car storage. This is the perfect place to store the model car, antique vehicle, or go-kart for the winter so you can utilize the extra garage space. Safe, affordable, and accessible, our car storage is the ideal answer. Customers can store their vehicles for the winter or for the entire year.

In addition to car storage, we also offer portable storage containers, RV storage, and other self-storage units. Call 814-695-9408 or 866-876-7368 to learn more today. We look forward to serving you at FreedomStorageRentals.com.