At Freedom Storage Rentals, we understand that certain possessions need special temperature controlled storage otherwise they are subject to damage and possible destruction. For that reason, our Hollidaysburg location is entirely dedicated to climate controlled storage. This is an indoor warehouse space where the temperature is maintained at a level above 48°F. Contact us today at (814) 695-9408 for pricing and we’ll discuss the best options for your needs.

Climate Controlled Storage Central PA

Sensitive Items That Need Climate Controlled Storage

    1)  Artwork, books and other paper items. Paper items are subject to paper rot when repeatedly exposed to extremes in temperatures. Mold and mildew can also grow on these items in temperature extremes as well. Temperature controlled storage helps protect these items.

    2)  Clothing and fabric. These items are also subject to mildew and mold. Tip: Be sure that they are clean and dry before packing them away for climate controlled storage.

    3)  Electronics. Moisture and cold are death knells for electronics. Climate controlled storage is a must for them. Protect your electronics by properly storing them when you are not using them.

    4)  Upholstered items and wood furniture. Wood furniture is subject to extremes in temperatures, especially antiques. If it’s too dry, the wood will dry out; too wet and the wood will swell and possibly mold or rot. Upholstery items are subject to the same problems as are clothing and fabric, so be sure to protect them with temperature controlled storage.

    5)  Musical Instruments. Certain musical instruments are subject to damage when in extreme temperature fluctuations. Always check with the instrument’s manufacturer to determine what type of climate controlled storage is needed for your instrument.

Temperature Controlled Storage Solutions Central PA

When Storing Sensitive Items, Avoid These

When storing sensitive items, you want to protect them from these five elements: bacteria, dust mites, mildew, mold and viruses. Climate control storage helps reduce the risk of these undesirable elements from occurring. You should always store your sensitive items in temperature controlled storage, because it doesn’t take long for bacteria, mold and mildew to get started. Protect your family heirlooms and expensive items. Take the extra precautions you need to be sure they will be around for your next generation to enjoy.

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