When people reserve a storage unit in central PA, they are usually so pumped to have the extra space they don’t even think about how to organize their belongings in this area. Even though self storage units are created to protect your belongings, it never hurts to take all the precautions when packing.

Storage Unit Packing Tips

  • Store items in plastic containers, plastic containers offer a decent amount of water resistance and protection. To help you find things, choose clear plastic containers so that you can easily see the contents of each container. Purchase some desiccant packets and toss a few in each container to help protect against moisture.
  • Space bags are a great way to protect items like clothing from moisture and bugs. They are also a great way to save space by removing the air from the bags with a vacuum hose.
  • Don’t store your items in cardboard boxes. Cardboard doesn’t offer any protection against moisture and will actually absorb moisture. After a few years, you’ll notice the box sagging, and the contents will be damp and musty.
  • Consider awkwardly sized items that won’t stack well, including how often you will need to use them, and how heavy they are.
  • If you plan on keeping the storage unit for a while, it couldn’t hurt to assemble some metal shelving units. Line the perimeter of the storage unit with the shelves and stack your belongings accordingly. Try to leave a hall-like path through the middle of the storage unit so it is easy to find your belongings. Also try to prioritize your items and pack items from most important to least, front to back, so that you have easy access to your items.
  • Downsize the number of things you are hanging on to. Only keep what you really need. Give away some of your things now to those who will appreciate and use them.

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