If storage space is scarce in your home, you may want to consider a temporary or long-term fix in order to free up the cluttered areas: mobile storage. If you aren’t familiar with mobile storage, it is a relatively simple idea.

What Is Mobile Storage?

Storage companies like Freedom Storage Rentals drop off a portable storage container or trailer at your home. The mobile storage unit stays on your property for as long as it takes you to fill it. After you have organized your belongings and loaded the storage container, you can decide to keep the container on your property or have the company pick it up. Depending upon what it is that you are storing, some companies offer climate-controlled storage space in a warehouse to protect sensitive items.

Common Reasons People Use Mobile Storage

  • Remodeling: If you’re in the process of remodeling your home or perhaps considering it, you probably understand how the mess simply spreads to every room of the house. Rather than living in the chaos and clutter for the duration of the project, store your displaced items in a mobile storage unit until you once again have a place to put them.
  • Selling your home: If you are in the process of selling your home, one of the best things you can do to hurry along the sale is to eliminate the junk in each room. Real estate agents can’t overemphasize the importance of presenting a clean, organized home that allows the potential buyers to picture themselves in it. If your home is filled up with too much furniture, pictures, or accessories, one way to take care of this is to have the excess stored temporarily.
  • Kids are in college: If your kids are gone to school for the majority of the year, but they return for summer and winter breaks, a mobile storage unit may be the solution to accommodate all of their belongings. Mobile storage gives you extra space to store items temporarily while they’re home. The containers can then be picked up once your children are back at school.
  • In-laws moving in: If your parents or your spouse’s parents are moving in with you, storing excess furniture and items can keep clutter at bay, which will then give you time to decide what to do with the items on a permanent basis.

If you find yourself in a situation where you temporarily need more room, you might want to consider mobile storage. Let Freedom Storage Rentals take the stress out of storing your belongings with our portable storage rental services in central PA. Contact us at 814-695-9408 and we’ll help you de-clutter your home, your business, and your life with portable storage.