Now that you and your family are settling in to a new 2012 routine you may have started to notice the clutter that accumulated throughout your home in 2011. Toys, clothes, shoes, books, dishes, magazines, and electronic devices can gather and make your life disorganized and hectic. Unfortunately it is hard to find a place for something, when something else has already began to take over that area. The problem with clutter is that it creeps on you. As your family grows, each member collects more stuff, and it continuously piles up year after year. There is however something you can do about it.

Where To Start

Start by picking one of your own bad clutter spots and cleaning that area up. Encourage your family to do the same, starting in one spot, then move to another, then another. Sooner or later someone will notice how nice it looks, and that’s when you introduce the new order of things at home. If your family is resisting helping you clean, make a game out of the activity. Set the timer and see who can clean up the most in 15 minutes. Hopefully by the time everyone tires of your “game,” you’ll have made some progress on the mess.

Get Rid Of It

The best way to get rid of clutter, without having to throw it out is to gather items that you would like to keep for whatever reason or only use once a year together. Holiday decorations, art projects your children did while they were in school as well as pet/baby supplies you may need in the future fall in to this category. Then put these items in a portable storage unit such as our EZ Pak Mobile Storage. This way the items are out of your house but you still will have them nearby whenever the next they are needed is.

Portable storage or mobile storage containers are ground-level containers that we will drop off at your house. You take your time and fill them with all the things that have started to clutter your home. When you are done, you can either store the container on your property or at our facility. It’s a convenient way to rid your home of unused when you’re not yet sure if you can throw it out.

If you find that your house’s clutter is overwhelming your life contact Freedom Storage Rentals for help. Freedom Storage Rentals offers four conveniently located self storage facilities in central PA. We provide secure self storage units, mobile storage, climate controlled storage, RV storage, and moving truck rentals. Call us at 814-695-9408 to store your things today!