April means that it is time to start your home’s spring cleaning. Besides putting your winter gear in a self storage facility there are a plethora of activities you can do to get your home ready for the upcoming warm weather. Use this spring cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing year.

Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Take Advantage of Self Storage: Put your winter clothes, snow blower, snow mobile, holiday decorations and anything else winter related into a self storage or mobile storage unit so that it does not clutter your home during the months you won’t be needing it.

  • Wash the Rugs: Vacuum and shampoo the rugs and carpet in your home. The winter months bring snow, which usually means your family has been tracking in the harmful salt chemicals used to melt snow and ice for months.
  • Check your Grout: Resealing grout lines will prevent water from leaking into your home during these rainy months.
  • Dust Everything: Take this time to remove the books, photos and knick-knacks from your shelves and completely wipe them down. Dusting your house thoroughly means even getting in the hard-to-reach places such as fan tops and window casting. Always work from the top of a room down, vacuuming the dust that settles on the floor.
  • Clean your Window Treatments: Many draperies and curtains are machine washable; check labels. Dry-clean fabric shades. Wipe wooden blinds with a damp cloth; warm water mixed with a mild dishwashing liquid is safe for metal and vinyl blinds. Use warm water to wash the screens covering your windows.
  • Wipe Down Your Home: Wipe down walls and ceilings, using a vacuum to remove dust. Also wipe down any upholstered furnishings. Take cushions outside and gently beat them by hand to remove dust. If there are stains, check the pieces for care labels. Use a vacuum’s upholstery and crevice tools to clean under seat cushions.

Whether you need a place to store your winter related clothes and gadgets, or you find the years of junk you’ve been hoarding while cleaning, using self storage units can help you de-clutter your home, giving it a fresh spring feel. Located in central PA, Freedom Storage Rentals can help make your spring cleaning hassle free. We not only offer self storage units but also mobile storage and climate controlled storage units. If you have vehicles you don’t need this summer store them on our car storage or RV storage units. Call us today at 800-474-8110 to learn more about what we can do for your family this spring.