Moving is something everyone has to go through at some point in their lives, whether is out of their childhood home, into a college dorm room, or cross-country for work. It is important to be organized and efficient well before the moving truck rental arrives, here are some steps you can use to prepare for the anticipated moving day.

Get Organized to Move

The first thing you need to do before you start packing is get organized, for some people this means keeping a note pad handy to write out a priority list. Now this may sound a little crazy to start organizing before you’ve even started packing, but it really will save you time in the long run and prevent the dreaded event of having to rip open boxes on moving day to find something.


Packing can be done in a number of stages. If you are still in the process of showing your house, packing up items that create clutter can help your house feel more open and appealing to potential buyers. Pack items according to necessity. For example, if you are moving in the summer you can pack all of your winter clothes you know you won’t need first.

Some choose to pack room, by room, as their organizational system. Even if you do this be sure to label every single box because even if you have the boxes grouped together, it is likely they will become unorganized during the move.

Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget to notify the essential people/places of your new address. Head over to the post office and fill out a change of address form or fill it out online. All mail with your old address will be forwarded to your new location. Just let them know the exact day of your move in and you won’t miss important mail. Also be sure to disconnect all current services. Most services, like DSL and cable, are often fairly easy to get switched to a new location.

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