There’s something about the fresh air, warm sun, and newly budded flowers of spring that invigorates and inspires us. The frequent showers and bright sunrays disperse winter’s gloom, giving us the courage to face the cluttered closets that we’ve turned a blind eye to all winter.

The time for spring cleaning is here! Don your cleaning clothes, arm yourself with a bucket of disinfectants, and prepare to freshen up your house.

For a detailed, all-encompassing guide on how to spring clean the entire house (and yard), Martha Stewart is the answer. Her spring cleaning guide will ensure that everything sparkles — from the baseboards to the ceilings. Sabrina Soto, star of the home remodeling show “The High Low Project,” also has several tips for organization, cleaning, and space management.

Three Steps to a Clean House 

If the idea of spring cleaning seems overwhelming, break it down into these three manageable steps:

1.Deep clean the house. When was the last time you vacuumed under your couch cushions or wiped down the shelves in your cabinets? Take the time to rid your house of any concealed dirt and grime.

2.Organize your space. Now that everything is clean, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and organize your home — especially those nooks and crannies that become a catch-all.

3.Declutter everything. While you’re organizing, you’ll probably find a variety of things that you don’t need. Separate your stuff into four categories: keep, toss, recycle, and donate.

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