It doesn’t take long for a garage to become cluttered. Whatever you don’t have room for in the house gets stowed in the garage—and before long, the garage is filled to the brim with junk, making it not very useable. Taking some time to organize the garage and putting unnecessary items in a storage unit will benefit not only your cluttered space but also the rest of the house.

  1. How do you use your garage? For some families, the garage is just the garage, used to store cars, bikes, and other vehicles. However, garages can be transformed for a variety of purposes—a wood shop, a mechanic’s workspace, or even a recreation area for ping-pong and other games. The garage’s purpose should dictate what organizational system you choose.
  2. Be creative with your space. Visit Altoona’s Home Depot or Lowe’s for a look at the numerous storage containers, shelves, and racks you can purchase for your garage. Investing in organizers for walls and ceilings will give you a place to store everything and help keep supplies off the garage floor, which can often be damp.
  3. Get rid of outdated supplies. Insecticides, paint cans, and other chemicals can sometimes expire quickly, so dispose of them promptly and safely. Don’t throw them into your regular trash—Blair County and Cambria County both have household hazardous waste centers, where materials that are dangerous to health or the environment are properly disposed of.
  4. Move all your extra items to a storage unit. We all have those boxes of items that we want to keep but just don’t have the space for. Try renting a self storage unit to help de-clutter your garage. If you usually store your RV in the garage during the winter, try putting it in RV storage instead—your garage will feel a lot roomier without an enormous vehicle taking up half the space!
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