It can be daunting to begin a home improvement project—not only are you disrupting your everyday routine to make space for the craftsmen to do their jobs, but you’re also worried about your existing furniture. Some home improvement projects can be simple and quick, but if you’re remodeling an entire room or have a project that will take an extended amount of time, you’ll have to think about what storage to use for the contents of the room.

One of the best solutions for a long-term remodel is to rent a storage unit for the room’s contents. We rent self storage on a month-to-month basis, at reasonable prices and with the option of climate-controlled storage.
You’ll need to decide what kind of storage unit is appropriate for your home’s items. Most wood furniture, artwork, and electronics require climate-controlled storage. Wood, paper, and electrical circuits can be damaged by mildew, mold, rot, fluctuating temperatures, moisture, and extreme dryness. If you have a rare, limited-edition print or a priceless antique desk, you certainly don’t want to leave your valued items at the mercy of the elements. Most storage rented for home remodeling purposes will be climate-controlled; non-controlled units are ideal for lawn equipment, vehicles, tools, and seasonal sports equipment.
You can also rent a mobile storage unit as you’re doing your home improvement project. This may be the easiest route to take—mobile storage units can be kept on location, so you don’t have to keep driving back and forth during your already stressful remodeling project.
No matter what type of storage you choose, Freedom Storage Rentals can provide you with a high-quality self-storage rental. Our four locations in central Pennsylvania make us the ideal choice for residents of Blair County and Cambria County. Contact us at 800-474-8110, and you’ll be well on your way to a stress-free home remodeling project!