Selling your home can be tough. The economy has caused a decrease in buyers for the housing market. Don’t make the process of selling your home harder by showing a cluttered home to potential buyers. Stage your home properly to entice prospective buyers. If you need help staging a home, a professional stager can help you stage it.

Whether you decide to stage your home yourself or hire a professional, there are several basic things you should keep in mind. When you stage your home you want to create an inviting atmosphere. You want to make potential buyers envision themselves living in the house. You should make sure your home is clean. Spend some time removing the clutter, vacuuming your floors, washing your windows, and dusting your tables. If you haven’t moved into your new house yet, you can store your things in an Ebdensburg PA storage container. In addition to vacuuming your carpets, you should have them professionally cleaned. If washing your carpets seems like a lost cause, it may be wise to have new carpets installed. Just make sure to use a neutral color that the majority of people would like. Rooms with extremely bold paint should be painted over with a neutral color.

After you have thoroughly cleaned your home, you can begin the last part of staging your home. It is time to arrange the furniture and accessories in an appealing manner. As previously mentioned, try to avoid using colors that would put off potential buyers. If you don’t have neutral colored furniture, consider renting some furniture for the staging process. Also, decorate with plants, mirrors, throw pillows, and other accessories. This will make your home seem more inviting. Finally, before potential buyers come over, bake a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. This will make people feel even more at home, ensuring you a sale!

Staging your home can be a fun, but hectic process. If you need to declutter your home, contact Freedom Storage Rentals. Freedom Storage Rentals offers four conveniently located self storage facilities in central PA. We provide secure self storage units, mobile storage ,climate controlled storage, and RV storage. Contact us at 814-695-9408 to store your things today!